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Your Perfect Oasis With Custom Outdoor Curtains

Why did you buy your Charlotte home? You probably wanted to create your own living space, replete with privacy. If you wished to strangers to interfere 24/7/365, you might as well live in a parking lot. 

Some small housing lots don’t offer a lot of privacy between the homes. You might not have bushes, trees or fences to screen yourself from your neighbors. Outdoor patio curtains could make all the difference in setting the right mood. 

If you have not build your home, then your property might have features and designs that have not been personalized to your exact preferences. Creating your little backyard oasis can be a great way to put your mark on the property. Outdoor drapes, curtains, and screens turn a house into a home. 




Weather ​Protection

Outdoor waterproof curtains patio provide superior weather protection. A gusty wind or scorching sun can ruin a relaxing sojourn. With waterproof curtains pergola, you can spend more quality time outdoors with your family.

Sometimes, it might sprinkle for a short period. Outdoor curtains waterproof protect your family members. Create great family memories with protective outdoor curtains & drapes. ​


Increase Home Resale Value

Some homes have very similar features until you remodel. A variety of pool cage privacy ideas can help you increase your home resale value tremendously. It is a win-win situation because you can benefit personally from the added privacy while improving your home value.

You might be able to use a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for the purchase of your swimming pool privacy screen. We can explore different pool privacy screen ideas to find the right one for you. We can install outdoor curtains custom to create the perfect look.


Backyard Privacy Screens

We offer the full selection of outdoor privacy screens. These can create an attractive, elegant, luxurious look for your relaxing outdoor environment. Select the right outdoor curtains for porch, patio, pool or pergola.

If you have felt something was missing from your outdoor entertainment area, it might be outdoor patio curtains. These are beautiful and provide you with a range of decorating options.​

Your Perfect Oasis With Custom Outdoor Curtains

You might have neighborhood children cutting through your yard continually. Or, you might like the style of classy, outdoor curtains & drapes. Your homestead should be a place where you can rest, relax and unwind after a long work week.

After you create your private oasis, you can invite friends, family members, and business co-workers over to enjoy your outdoor porch, patio and swimming pool. Make your home the most popular destination on the block. Outdoor curtains for privacy allow you to block out the hustle and bustle, distractions and noise of the outside world.

We offer the full range of outdoor privacy products, including the following:

  • Outdoor Curtains Sunbrella
  • Outdoor Lanai Curtains
  • Waterproof Curtains Pergola
  • Pool Enclosure Privacy Screen
  • Custom Curtains

We can explore outdoor curtains ideas patio to see which of our products are best for you.
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"Create the best patio to entertain your guests with outdoor curtains”

Outdoor Curtains Sunbrella

There is a dichotomy with comfortable outdoor furniture and curtains. You want it to be both soft, warm, long-lasting and waterproof. Sunbrella outdoor curtains are water repellent, they have been covered with a finish that repels water drops and moisture.

Sunbrella outdoor curtains are made to last. You will not worry about rain and snow with outdoor curtains Sunbrella. These durable, comfortable outdoor curtains water resistant won’t deteriorate as fast as inferior upholstery options.

We have more than 100 colors and patterns to choose from with Sunbrella curtain fabric. You can block the sun, reduce the wind and resist water with Sunbrella for your outdoor home décor. Open or close Sunbrella outdoor curtains depending on your mood.

Outdoor Lanai Curtain

Let’s explore pool privacy screen ideas together. Luxury privacy pool cabana curtains include outdoor Lanai curtains. These outdoor Lanai curtains allow you to create private areas near your swimming pool for entertaining, eating or whatever you want to do. 

​Superior to Fences

Why are outdoor drapes superior to fences or landscaping bushes? Of course, it all depends upon your outdoor entertainment goals. With outdoor curtains, you tend to have more flexibility. 

Fences tend to be permanent barriers to prevent people from entering your property boundaries. Usually, landscaping bushes are high-maintenance; most people eventually get sick of them and want to replace them. Unfortunately, the bush roots grow deeper and are tough to remove.  


Our outdoor curtains for privacy are flexible and affordable. You will not have to break the bank to use them. You can open or close privacy drapes depending on the weather, season, event or purpose.

For instance, you might imagine a beautiful summer day with adults and children running around your backyard. You can keep your outdoor curtains waterproof open to facilitate movement in the morning. Just as you might close your drapes in the afternoon, you could close your outdoor waterproof curtains patio to create a private environment as the sun sets.

​Patio, Pergola, Porch & Pool Screens


We can provide you with the best privacy screen for patio, pergola, porch, and pool. Not everyone is blessed with a vast open living environment in their front or backyard. You might want to create some privacy from prying eyes. 

Outdoor curtains patio can screen you from construction noises, automobile traffic or unsightly neighborhood houses. Naturally, it is easier to have private conversations and special moments with your loved ones when you have privacy using outdoor curtains patio. Control your living space. 

We provide 5 x P’s = Patio, Pergola, Porch & Pool Privacy 

Nobody needs to know what you are doing when screened by outdoor curtains for a porch. Change from your business suit to into comfortable, casual clothing – you have privacy with outdoor curtains for a porch. Let down your hair. 

Nature has a way of reviving your soul. With waterproof curtains pergola, you can slow down your heart rate and relax. Your waterproof curtains pergola can guard your guests’ privacy too. 

Sometimes, you want a little me-time. Celebrities go off to remote, exotic locations to avoid the paparazzi. For better or worse, everyone has a camera on their smartphone nowadays. A swimming pool privacy screen can create an intimate environment. 

​Patio, Pergola, Porch & Pool Screens

There might be very subtle differences between the best Charlotte home environments and those that are mundane. Delicate features, like outdoor privacy drapes, can make all the difference. They add the finishing touches. 

You might not have much time for a date night. A simple pool enclosure privacy screen can be used for your date night or staycation. Explore various pool cage privacy ideas to find the right one for you. 


Your body is like a smartphone battery – it needs to be recharged from time to time. The best swimming pool privacy screen gives you a relaxing space. Recharge your soul with a pool enclosure privacy screen. Don’t you deserve the best? ​

Beautiful Custom Curtains

Tell us what you desire, and we can make custom curtains to your exact specifications. These outdoor curtains custom might be the best way to personalize your private living space. You can handle unique property features better with customized drapes, screens and curtains. 

You can also create just the right mood with privacy curtains. Your family home is your oasis from the dangers of the outside world. With the best outdoor drapes, you can create the perfect living, entertaining and recreational environment for your Charlotte, North Carolina home backyard. 


Curtain Sales & Installation

We provide our customers with both outdoor privacy curtain sale and installation. Of course, you want them to look just right. Contact us for the installation of outdoor curtains to create your perfect little oasis.

Let us work together to brainstorm pool privacy screen ideas. We will work with you, so we can find your needs during the installation process. We look forward to helping you create the best living environment.

We, at Outdoor Curtains Charlotte, are looking forward to serving you. Tell us what you want to accomplish, explain the features of your Charlotte, NC property, and we can suggest the best privacy screen products.

Absolute outdoor privacy is possible when you contact us at Outdoor Curtains Charlotte. You can create your private oasis and forget about the outside world. Give us a call at 704-251-4905, and we can get started on building unparalleled privacy for you and your family.

Create Your Own Unique Oasis With Outdoor Curtains Charlotte