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Extend Outdoor Space With Curtains

When your Charlotte homeowners organization stipulates that your property can not have a fence structure or your surrounding trees and bushes are too maintenance heavy, consider outdoor curtains. Let Outdoor Curtains Charlotte give you the privacy you seek by installing any one of our curtain designs inside your porch, deck, lanai, or patio area.

Our outdoor luxury curtains installation provides homeowners and commercial owners the privacy and beauty that you seek. 

If your Charlotte residential or commercial dream was to create an outdoor sanctuary, why not embellish it with outdoor curtains. An outdoor curtain motif can transform any outdoor structure into that particular area for daytime or nighttime fun, relaxation, and entertainment, adding that sense of stylish swag.


As a privacy fence for patios and in your other outdoor environments, it will feel like an extension of your indoor living space. You can accentuate it with custom curtains & drapes that give you a sense of having another luxury lived-in room. 

Outdoor Curtain Benefits


Our curtains are made with fabrics that can stand up under any outdoor weather conditions and with a decorative valance scheme that purposely hides the track system. A valance design adds elegance to any pool enclosure or outdoor canopy or gazebo architecture. Outdoor Curtains Charlotte engineers can hang your outdoor curtains to fit any outdoor architecture like columns and railings. 

We carry rich ambient styles that include tie backs, individual panels, or just let them hang as outdoor valances curtains to sway in the wind. The installation of our curtains gives homeowners luxury fence appearance and a luxury privacy setting.

Additional features for privacy curtains that can serve as a privacy fence for patio and other outdoor features are: 

  • Privacy on demand! Keeps you safe from peeping neighbors and onlookers
  • Entertain family, guests, and friends without your surrounding neighbors looking in
  • Outdoor curtains serve as a screen to keep out wind and direct sunlight
  • No maintenance and no mess
  • You can see out but others cannot look in. You can still enjoy watching through the curtains and see the beautiful scenery you chose when you moved in.
  • Close your curtains whenever you want for privacy or open them for the landscape
  • A great investment making your home very appealing to potential buyers.

Leading Outdoor Curtain Brands

We carry custom curtains & drapes that are guaranteed to be gorgeous and waterproof. Outdoor Curtains Charlotte gives you a vast selection of waterproof custom outdoor curtains in a variety of top of the line fabrics like “SolaMesh,” that is a great innovative fabric that contains the tremendous weatherproofing system that polymer technology features. 

​SolaMesh is a very lightweight fabric that does not fade or stain when days of warm UV sunshine rays is a constant. SolaMesh gives your entertainment patio or pool area a shaded, screen in a cool environment. Also, outdoor privacy curtains provide homeowners in the Charlotte and surrounding North Carolina area value, a long-term investment, and strength. 


Another favorite fabric brand that we sell and install is “Sunbrella.” Sunbrella waterproof custom outdoor privacy curtains are also mold and mildew resistant. Let us introduce you to a fantastic fabric as waterproof custom curtains that is a marine canvas draping style that is easy to keep clean. The Sunbrella custom curtains and drapes provide a fade proof 10-year warranty, which means that the color you choose to match your décor will not fade and can withstand contact with chlorine and salt in a water-front style environment. 

Sunbrella and SolaMesh fabrics are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a protective material that you can enjoy daily as luxury privacy curtains. The Sunbrella and SolaMesh brand are noted for their superior reputation for quality, durability and high appeal. These fantastic fabric style waterproof custom curtains will protect your outdoor living areas from stains from Mother Nature, food, or pests. 

"Create the best patio to entertain your guests with outdoor curtains”

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Extend Outdoor Space With Curtains

Outdoor Curtains Charlotte is your one-stop shop that offers outdoor valances curtains, custom curtains, and drapes, and serves as a privacy fence for patio and outdoor landscapes. Our drapes and curtains are lightweight and heavy weather resistant for outdoor protection. 

We also provide and will install our wide range of outdoor curtains in fabrics that include:

  • roman shade
  • thermal lining
  • velvet texture
  • faux dupioni silk
  • faux satin silk
  • linen
  • cotton
  • linen cotton blends and more.

When You Need The Best In Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains Charlotte installers can help both residential and commercial owners with the best in installation services. Our Charlotte area clients are our primary concern when it comes to luxury and safe products. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer experience with our most innovative and luxury curtains which easily integrates into your daily lifestyle.

​ With smart technology, our curtains and drapes include security, luxury privacy, peace of mind, energy management, and convenience for residential homes and commercial properties. When you need professional services promptly, contact us (phone: 704-251-4905), you will be happy with our five-star results for your outdoor living space. 

When you need the best in waterproof custom outdoor privacy curtains or outdoor valances curtains, contact us for an appointment, and one of our professional curtain installers will quickly be in touch with you. Our skilled installers can fit any size window, gazebo, patio, a pergola, or room. Whether large or small.

​Outdoor Curtains Charlotte will professionally measure, order and install your outdoor window treatments. Our friendly and knowledgeable installers give you prompt attention and courteous service from fabric choices, measuring and through installation. 

We look forward to hearing from you about how we can provide you with the best in curtain installation and customized fabrics featuring waterproof custom outdoor curtains.

​Please note, that Outdoor Curtains Charlotte products give you flexibility in choosing materials and experience in concise installation so that we do not interrupt your day. Our curtains serve as luxury fence curtains, the best in luxury privacy, and they can quickly come down when dangerous storms are in the area.


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