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In our modern day, most of us love to enjoy spending time outside especially during warm weather. We have all felt that sense of cabin fever and the unquenchable desire of just wanting to enjoy some extended hours outside alone or with family and friends. A relaxing afternoon alone reading a book or having a gathering on the deck near the pool or back patio is always a great way to reduce stress and break free from the hectic lifestyle of being indoors or at work day after day. Relishing our time outside is tremendous but enjoying that time undisturbed and with absolute outdoor privacy can sometimes be a challenge.

For many of us living in populated areas, the backyard is a great place but seems significantly less private and secluded that it was in years past. Today cell phones with high-resolution cameras and remote zoom capabilities are in nearly everyone’s pocket. Not to mention that any unapproved or unknown pictures that were taken of us, our family or property can be instantly uploaded to the web including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, these circumstances have destroyed much of that cherished feeling of luxury privacy that existed in decades past.

​Homes without a privacy fence or other obstruction of view may find it difficult to find privacy when outdoors. Outdoor waterproof curtains patio enclosures, outdoor curtains & drapes, and similar installations are becoming more popular in recent years.


Climate Benefits of Outdoor Curtains & Drapes


Privacy Protection​

Privacy protection is not the only significant benefit of having custom privacy curtains installed.

​Outdoor curtains also offer a tremendous advantage when it comes to protecting us, our loved ones and our pets from the elements. With outdoor curtains, we can have our custom installation with a rooftop and still enjoy the sunshine.

We have choices available for reducing or blocking the sun in various degrees and keeping everyone dry should there be an unexpected thunderstorm. Outdoor patio curtains also help to keep out the wind, insects, animals, and birds allowing us to focus on the crucial part of being together.


Extra Space ​

For most of us, the inside of our home never seems big enough. Having outdoor curtains installed as an enclosure offers some additional square footage that can be transformed into an innumerable variety of uses.

An enclosure made from a perimeter of privacy curtains can be used as an outdoor playroom for the kids, a workshop, hobby room, exercise room, outdoor kitchen, rest area storage area and a whole host of others.

​In most cases, the installation can be installed directly against the rear or side entrance of the house allowing for safe and convenient entry or exit. Pool enclosure privacy curtains provide a great way to enjoy swimming without being disrupted.


Fitness with Freedom ​

For many of us finding the right time and place to exercise is always a dilemma. Let’s face it, most of the gyms and fitness centers are either overcrowded with people or too far to drive on a daily basis. Add to that the fact that many are not kept in excellent sanitary condition.

Any patio or deck with a solid foundation can serve as a reliable substitute for an exercise room. A clean flat floor and some custom privacy curtains installed will provide an excellent location for different types of exercise including aerobic exercises, balance exercises, stretching exercises, and strength training exercises like bodybuilding and powerlifting.With the ability to exercise outdoors without being seen by anyone will breathe a fresh breath of air into any exercise routine.


What’s more, blowing the fresh outdoor air when exercising is much healthier than pushing the limits physically while breathing indoor air and all the toxins associated within.

With no commuting or waiting for our turn to use equipment nor worrying about catching anything contagious in a crowded gym like a cold virus, it’s a win-win situation. Outdoor curtains for patio or curtains and drapes can be designed to give that perfect look with any installation. ​

Celebrations and Holiday Events ​

Having the opportunity of celebrating our birthday or the birthday of a family member in the private outdoor atmosphere of our backyard?

Spending time with loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and holidays brings all of us closer together. Family time is for the family.
With a private area of our own to enjoy grilling outside while playing games together and never being seen by neighbors or anyone else makes events like these better than ever. Let’s also not forget those backyard summer barbeques spending time creating unforgettable memories with those famous people in our life. Having a secure installation of outdoor curtains for patio makes it all possible. 

"Create the best patio to entertain your guests with outdoor curtains”

Waterproof Custom Curtains are worth the Investment ​

Having waterproof custom curtains installed may seem like an added expense in the beginning. But the long-term fact is that investing in an improvement such as this can pay for itself over time. With outdoor privacy curtains installed to provide additional useful space outside, we often see a noticeable drop in energy costs on our bills.

​We can enjoy more time out, without sacrificing privacy, rather than spending most of our summer inside with the air-conditioner operating on high which can add up over time. Installing our outdoor drapes or pool enclosure privacy screen will give any backyard a winning edge over surrounding homes. 

Outdoor Curtains & Drapes as a Great Privacy Fence Alternative

Installation of a privacy fence or landscaping for seclusion while in your backyard can add up to an expensive investment. Choosing to have privacy curtains installed instead allow us the same seclusion in the exact area of the yard desired at a fraction of the cost per square foot.

​We have many designs, styles and colors to choose from everyone can piece together that custom installation they want. Installing outdoor waterproof curtains patio enclosures, luxury curtains and similar installations provide a great alternative to a traditional or luxury fence. 

Versatile View with Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains ​

Another significant characteristic of our outdoor patio curtains is the ability to quickly open or close them anytime to create a complete or partial view.

Our curtains can also be quickly and easily disassembled and stored away in the garage or basement for the winter.

​Our waterproof privacy curtains and sunbrella outdoor curtains can remain outside at their installed location as pool enclosure privacy curtains year round but can be easily removed yearly if desired. 


​Variety of Standard or Elaborate Custom Styles Available

Our selection of outdoor curtains are available in many different patterns, colors, styles, and textures and are ready for fast installation.

​With so many options to choose from, there is something to fit everyone’s preference and budget. We are here and available to offer suggestions and give advice with any planned installation or installation concerns including pool cage privacy ideas, pool enclosure privacy screen installation and luxury curtains. 


Our waterproof custom curtains for patio can also be installed with attractive accessories such as decorative ties, tassels and beautiful rope lighting for entertaining at night.

​Correctly installed custom privacy curtains with attached lighting will add beauty to any occasion bringing those nighttime barbeques and pool parties to life. Our outdoor drapes will make any property the envy of the neighborhood. 


Our outdoor privacy curtains and drapes​ are installed as a rodless system which makes the product more durable, efficient and easy to use.

Our waterproof outdoor curtains can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a privacy fence, luxury fence or landscaping.

The benefits of luxury privacy are endless, and the fun of enjoying a private and secluded area in your backyard anytime is priceless. Enjoy absolute outdoor privacy today. We would love to hear your luxury curtains and pool cage privacy ideas.

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